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Captain U.S. Army, Retired

Author, Digital Artist and Creative Mastermind

"the science fiction and fantasy author who thrills and terrifies us to the point of addiction"

TAR2 Store

TAR2 Store

Book 3: Melek Rasha - A Fool's Babel


Sortie – The Paratrooper’s Radio Talk Show

Interview with Author T.A. Richards II

“I was forced to package all I have seen and experienced as fiction, to avoid being charged with treason or locked up in a mental institution for simply telling the truth.” Author

“So, you’re telling us that the events in these books are true?” Radio Host

“Many veterans, myself included are forced to spend their days bottled up with experiences they can’t share due to secrecy agreements. For me writing these books became my therapeutic outlet and more importantly my ability to share the truth with the world. Whether my fans believe me or not is up to them, and I’m not going to try and persuade them either way.” Author

“But you signed a non-disclosure statement to protect our nation’s secrets.” Radio Host

“What secrets? You mean secrets about biological warfare or weapons of mass destruction?” Author

[Laughter] No, I’m asking about the virus that turns terrorists into feral beasts and grunts into super soldiers. Is this true? Radio Host

“Why do think they’ve tried to kill me?” Author


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