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Captain U.S. Army, Retired

Author, Digital Artist and Creative Mastermind

"the science fiction and fantasy author who thrills and terrifies us to the point of addiction"

The Wanderer

The Real-Life Adventure

Click on the links and join this disabled veteran turned author and craftsman as he travels the world in search of adventure. Leave your cares behind and cheer on this former soldier he seeks out new experiences and beautiful scenery. He will show you what it takes to struggle past disabilities and infirmities in order to chase dreams and accomplish achievable goals. He will be open, honest and real as he meets new and old challenges and enjoys the journey.  

The Prequel 

Every journey has a beginning, right? But where do I start? Do I start with my service in the military? I'll include a music video that highlights some of my service. However, I think this adventure starts with a move to Arctic Minnesota where I braved crazy weather, the wild and worked in pole barn...

The Idea...

If I want to explore the whole US of A, I'm going to need a camper. This is the project that started out as a truck camper and became so much more....

U. S. Army

The Camper