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Captain U.S. Army, Retired

Author, Digital Artist and Creative Mastermind

"the science fiction and fantasy author who thrills and terrifies us to the point of addiction"



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Stay HOME & READ Sale!

Please follow the CDC guidelines and stay home. If you stay home and read I will give you a huge discount! My family and I want all of you to be safe during this crisis. Don't panic; just stay home read a book and don't forget to pray. I believe God can and will bring us through this pandemic. Please be smart and safe. And enjoy my books! Psalm 91:1-11. Use the code PRAY at the checkout portion of my bookstore. This discounted offer is valid only at my website. Click on the TAR2 Store to purchase my books. Thanks everyone! Our love to you all!

New Release!

The first book in my new series is available in hard cover as well as all digital formats. I am really excited about this series. It is actually based on a novel I wrote more than 20 years ago and has changed as I developed as both a writer and soldier. Like me, the hero is flawed and suffers with PTSD and yet wants nothing more than to do what is right and succeed at his mission, to protect the Gate. Get your copy here and join the epic quest against the forces set against the Trinity Gate and its protector, the Phoenix.

Why is this Author different?

Check out his Author Page and find out.

T. A. Richards 2 or more specifically Terry Allen Richards II, was born in Hartford, CT and graduated from Rockville High School of Vernon, CT. Recently retired from the US Army, Terry is a permanently disabled veteran and very proud to be an American. He meets his physical challenges head on and uses the sport of disabled bodybuilding to stay out of a wheelchair. In 2003 Terry graduated from Southern California Seminary and used this education as both a private educator and a US Army Chaplain. His writing career began in high school with a multitude of short stories and has since grown to include graphic novels, reflective and inspirational articles and almost a dozen novels. Ultimately his goal is to start his own production company where the world will see his many creative visions come to life on the 'big screen.'


When my brother and I talked about traveling the world in a camper with our dirt bikes attached, it was just a cool fantasy. Now decades later, it is becoming a reality. To promote my books and anti-suicide message for veterans, I have decided to hit the road. How will I accomplish this? Well, I guess I need a camper, right? And since my books haven't hit the best-seller list yet, I will need to build one. Why don't you join me and subscribe to my YouTube channel? You will get a firsthand look into the life of a disabled veteran as he chases the American dream and seeks to be a blessing to others. To join him and his family click here...

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TRIOLOGY Conclusion

Book Three in the Babel Series

SPECIAL OFFER: The Trilogy is complete and the final book (Melek Rasha) is available through most book vendors. Follow the link to either Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. Or use Paypal and purchase any of my books via this website's bookstore. To help you get caught up for breath-taking finale I am offering a 15% off SALE. Just use the code TAR2 when you order any books from this site. What are you waiting for? Join the countless others who are addicted to this series....thank you for your love and support - T. A. Richards


Read First!

By entering this website you hereby assume all risks associated with the top secret information it contains. The author is not liable for any action the government decides to take against you. If you suddenly 'disappear' the author will not be held responsible for your 'disappearance.'


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